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Read the text carefully. Then read the choices to each question carefully. Decide which word is correct and press the button next to it. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.


Answer Sheet

Hollywood is the movie ..1.. of the world. The first movies were ..2.. there in the 1900s, when film makers came from New York. They were ..3.. by the low costs, and the beautifully clear air of Los Angeles. Since then, the air has ..4.. a lot more polluted, but people still make movies there ..5.. .

Motion pictures in America were developed by the famous ..6.. , Thomas Edison, who invented the movie camera in 1889. He is ..7.. the man who invented sound movies ..8.. years later. For the following ..9.. Hollywood and its glamour filled the ..10.. of many of the people who watched them, and many young people came to Hollywood hoping to become film stars.

1.a. central b. capital c. capitold. captain
2.a. producedb. fabricated c. industry d. done
3.a. invited b. attracted c. wanting d. looking for
4.a. developed b. grew c. found d. become
5.a. despite b. although c. anyway d. however
6.a. discoverer b. invention c. inventor d. science man
7.a. furthermore b. and c. mored. also
8.a. subsequent b. decades c. more d. several
9.a. centuries b. millennia c. decades d. annual
10.a. minds b. ideas c. dreaming d. brains

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