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In this part you will see notices. You will need to decide what the notices say. For each notice, choose the answer and press the button next to the correct answer.

    a. If you start this book now you will finish at Christmas.
    b. It is too late now to buy a book for Christmas.
    c. If you have not made a reservation by Christmas, you will be too late.
    d. Make your reservation for Christmas soon.
    a. Residents can only park here after 6.00 in the evening.
    b. Only people who live here can park before 6.00 in the evening.
    c. People who do not live here can park here during the day.
    d. People who park here must leave parking space for residents.
    a. Do not put this garment in a washing machine.
    b. Wash your hands before cleaning this garment.
    c. After cleaning make sure this garment is dry.
    d. If you hand wash this garment you must never dry clean it.
    a. Everything in this shop is half price.
    b. Some things in this shop are half price.
    c. There is a sale of things which are reduced.
    d. Up to 50% of the things in this shop are on sale.
    a. Only a qualified person should open this.
    b. Users should be cautious when servicing this.
    c. The parts within cannot be serviced.
    d. Do not open this unless you are a user.


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