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You are thinking of buying a house. Listen to the information about these houses and choose the correct answer to the questions below

1. Which type of house is one of those mentioned?

a. a bungalow
b. a semi-detatched
c. a terrace house
d. a bedsit

2. What is the problem with the first house?

a. There is no central heating
b. The shops are inconvenient
c. It is suiitable for a family
d. There is no garden

3. What is the problem with the flat?

a. It is next to the river
b. You can't see the fields
c. It is very expensive
d. It is very small

4.What is the extra building at the cottage?

a. a garden shed
b. a stable
c. a bus stop
d. a wooden house on the hill

5. The cottage is cheap because:

a. nobody wants to buy it
b. it's not in very good condition
c. the owner wants to sell it quickly
d. it's on the edge of town

6. Which building is the newest?

a. The first one
b. The second one
c. The third one
d. She doesn't say

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