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You work for a travel agent. On the opposite page there are descriptions of eight holidays (press the arrows at the top to scroll from one description to the next). Decide which holiday (letters A to H) would be the most suitable for each person described below and type the appropriate letter in the space provided.

Kevin is a very busy investment banker who wants a week off work. He likes scenery and fresh air. He is very fit and he enjoys walking. For this holiday he wants to leave the beach and try something different.
Sue is a student. She will go to university next year, and her parents want to give her a holiday as a present before she goes. Sue likes reading and dancing, and wants somewhere romantic and relaxing
Mrs Wallis wants to give her husband a holiday to celebrate his 60th birthday. Mr Wallis likes all sorts of sport, but because his heart is rather weak, he cannot do anything too energetic. Mrs Wallis would like to stay in a good hotel.
Terry owns his own business. He has had a successful year, and he wants a holiday. He wants somewhere with very good food and accomodation, and he wants to enjoy himself without doing very much.
The Hamble family are looking for something that will interest Mark aged 7 and Tammy, aged 13. They all like animals and sport. Mr and Mrs Hamble would also like something that lets them do some exploring on their own.
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A. Golf in America: A golfing safari across the United States in just ten days. Try eight great courses from New England to California, with golf lessons as you go. Transport is provided between your 5 star hotels and golf courses.

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