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Read the text on the left. Then look at the questions and decide which answer to each is best and click the button next to it. If you want to make a change, just click the button next to your new choice.


Answer Sheet

She liked flowers. At least, he remembered somebody telling him that she liked roses. Unfortunately, at that time of year roses were very hard to find, and anyway, even if he did find them he wouldn't be able to afford them. Not roses and going out to a good restaurant. So he had got some tulips. It wasn't sure if tulips were the right things to bring, and also while he was travelling in the bus several people bumped into him and the flowers were damaged.

He felt uncomfortable in his borrowed coat, and even though Mike had promised him that it was almost a perfect fit, he felt that the sleeves were too long, and the coat didn't really go with the colour of his trousers. He checked in his pocket again to make sure he had her address. He still was not sure why she had given it to him, or why she had agreed to go out that evening at all.

For a few minutes he thought about giving the whole thing up, going home and making some excuse for the following day. But he knew that this chance would not come again, and he would hate himself if he did not take it. Slowly, he walked through the rain to her street.

  1. This text seems to have come from:
      a. A detective story
      b. An autobiography
      c. A science fiction story
      d. A romantic novel

  2. The protagonist's character can best be described as:
      a. Not very confident
      b. Rather angry and irritable
      c. A little bit slow and stupid
      d. Very sad

  3. Which of these statements is true about the character?
      a. He is going to see his mother
      b. He does not know the person he is going to see very well
      c. He has lost her address
      d. He decided to buy her roses, but could not find any

  4. We can tell from the text:
      a.That it was winter
      b. That the character has a friend called Mike
      c. That the character does not have very much money
      d. That the jacket is very uncomfortable

  5. What would be a good title for this text?
      a. Going to see Mrs Jones
      b. The first date
      c. Mike goes to visit his friend
      d. Finding the right address

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