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Listen to the dialogues between Geoffrey and Marina. Press the button next to the correct answer for the questions which follow. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

1. What will they do? 2. What is happening? 3. Marina wants to ...
a. Take food home. a. Peter will divorce Janet. a. go away.
b. Take the food away. b. Peter will marry Sally. b. play the game
c. Cook food at home. c. Peter will divorce Sally. c. go with Geoffrey.
4. Why is the waiter unhappy? 5. Geoffery is suggesting.. 6. Marina says....
a. He wanted more money. a. he will go with her. a. she can't see why.
b. Marina ate all her food. b. the road will be empty. b. complaining is useless.
c. Marina spilled her food. c. one last drink. c. stop complaining.

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