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The writing test is to see if you can describe things which have happened, and to give your feeling about them. You should be able to do things like describe people and places, and be able to do things like make arrangements, and express hopes, regrets and complaints using the right kind of vocabulary. You are also tested on your ability to use grammar in different ways.

Each of the three parts of the writing test is different. (Remember, you take the writing test at the same time as the reading test, and you have 1 hour 30 minutes to do both.) The first part gives you short sentences. You have to change the grammar, but not the meaning. In the second part you have to write a short note or an e-mail, of about 40 words. The third part you might have to write a story, or discuss something, explain something, or to describe something in about 100 words. You will usually get a choice of (of two) of what to write about.

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