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Read the text carefully. Then read the answers to each question carefully. Decide which line is correct and press the button next to it. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

The savannah

Answer Sheet

The tourist looking at the African savannah on a summer afternoon might be excused for thinking that the wide yellow grass plain was completely deserted of life, almost a desert. With only a few small thorn trees sticking out through the veldt, there seems to be almost no place for a living creature to hide.

However, under those trees you might find small steenbok, sleeping in the shade, and waiting for the night to fall. There may even be a small group of lions somewhere, their bodies exactly the same shade as the tall grass around them. In the holes in the ground a host of tiny creatures, from rabbits and badgers to rats and snakes are waiting for the heat to finish.

The tall grass also hides the fact that there may be a small stream running across the middle of the plain. One clue that there may be water here is the sight of a majestic Marshall eagle circling slowly over the grassland. When he drops, he may come up with a small fish, or maybe a grass snake that has been waiting at the edge of a pool in the hope of catching a frog.

The best time to see the animals then, is in the evening, just as the sun is setting. The best time of the year to come is in late September, or early August, just before the rains. Then the animals must come to the waterholes, as there is no other place for them to drink. And they like to come while it is still light, so they can see if any dangers are creeping up on them.

So it is at sunset, and after the night falls, that the creatures of the African veldt rise and go about their business.

  1. This text is for people interested in
      a. eagles
      b. wildlife
      c. travel
      d. biology

  2. The savannah appears to be empty because:
      a. The animals are sleeping
      b. The animals have gone about their business
      c. They have been frightened by an eagle
      d. The temperature prevents much activity

  3. The writer suggests that:
      a. The savannah is a desert
      b. The Marshall eagle eats fish
      c. It has not rained for a long time
      d. Tourists should not come in dry weather

  4. By "go about their business" the writer means:
      a. Tourism in Africa is big business
      b. The animals go to the river to drink
      c. The animals go on with their normal activity
      d. The animals or observed by naturalists

  5. What kind of book does the text seem to be from?
      a. A book for experts on wildlife
      b. A fictional story
      c. A history of Africa
      d. General non-fiction

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