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In this part you will see notices. For each notice, choose the answer and press the button next to the correct answer.

    1. This means that
    a. Do not touch unless you have wet paint
    b. You must wet the paint before you touch it
    c. This thing was painted recently
    d. You will be hurt if you touch this thing
    2. You can see this sign in
    a. A dentist's surgery
    b. A supermarket
    c. A police station
    d. A hospital
    3. Dogs must stay outside because
    a. The owner of the shop does not like dogs
    b. It is unhealthy for dogs inside
    c. The dogs will be happier outside
    d. It is unhealthy for dogs to be inside
    4. This sign means
    a. I am grateful you did not smoke
    b. It is dangerous to smoke
    c. No smoking
    d. Smoking is permitted if all agree
    5. This means
    a. You must accept an offer before the end of the month
    b. The offer is open when the month ends
    c. You have a month to accept the offer
    d. The offer closes at the end of the month

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