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Click on the speaker to listen to the recording. Then look at the speakers notes for the three restaurants described. For each question put the missing information in the proper space.

Radio restaurant survey.
(notes for radio presentation)

The Old Waggon:

An old restaurant, owned by the Dalton family.
I ate there 1. ago.
First vegetable soup, then roast beef with 2.
Then an English pudding


African cooking - good novelty - the food was very good too!
I ate there 3. evening.
Meat dishes - very strong flavour, and sadza?? made from corn. Tastes fantastic!
Not sure about the last course though. It was a rather strange 4.
Definitely recommended though!


Wonderful Italian food. Luciano a great chef.
I had bread with herbs then sphagetti with 5.
Then beef Italiano.

All good restaurants.
Service in all three was 6.
I must remember to mention they are really expensive.

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