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Below there are five descriptions of people who are looking for somewhere to live. On the opposite page there are descriptions of eight possible places (press the arrows at the top to go from one description to the next). Decide which place (letters A to H) is most suitable for each person and type the letter of the place in the space above the person's description.

Sam and Sally have just married, and they are looking for something in the north of the city, because of Sam's job. They don't have very much money, but they are planning to start a family, so they want an extra bedroom. Sally wants to be near the shops.
Mr Wilson wants something in the city centre, because he works late, and does not have a lot of time for travelling. He earns a lot of money and does not want to do housework. He wants something modern and convenient.
Mr Harvey is a widower. He is 73 years old, and his health is not very good. He can't cook or clean for himself, and will have to pay someone to do it for him. He wants to be in the west of the city, near his daughter. He does not mind if the place is small, but it must be safe.
Mr Player is the manager of Inex Ltd. He is an important person, and he wants a place that will impress people. He has two children, so he wants somewhere that is convenient for the school, but he doesn't want to live in the city centre. Also, there must be a garage for his Mercedes.
Maria Camenetti is a student. She wants somewhere that lets her get to the city center easily, but which does not cost too much. She wants a kitchen, because she likes to cook. She doesn't mind a small flat, as long as there is space for her cat, Mitzi. She would like somewhere to park her bicycle off the street.
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A. One place available in Gaston retirement flats. The flats are just east of the motorway in the west of the city. They are very quiet and secure. All flats have domestic services provided, and there is a doctor on call. No pets or smokers are allowed. There are spaces for visitors to park.

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