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Click on the speaker to listen to the recording. A man is talking about an accident in the park. Listen to what he says, and choose the correct answer to the questions below

1. What is the man describing?

a. How a horse bit him
b. How a horse bit someone
c. What happened to his children
d. What he did

2. Why does he think horse did it?

a. It was frightened
b. It was hurt
c. It was angry
d. He doesn't know

3. What did he see?

a. A child hurting the horse
b. A child screaming
c. Blood on a girl's arm
d. His children riding the horse

4. Why was the horse there?

a. Because no-one was with it
b. It was giving rides
c. The man took it there
d. He doesn't say

5. Who helped the injured girl?

a. The man
b. The horse's owner
c. The person who was responsible
d. He doesn't say

6. Who does the man blame for the accident?

a. He feels responsible
b. The man responsible for the horse
c. The injured girl
d. The horse

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