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Listen to the dialogues between Geoffrey and Marina. Press the button next to the correct answer for the questions which follow. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

1. Marina means that.. 2. Can Marina use the motorbike? 3. Marina is being ...
a. Janet has a moment. a. Yes, she can. a. optimistic.
b. Janet will go soon. b. No, she can't. b. pessimistic
c. Janet has just left. c. Geoffrey didn't say. c. uncertain.
4. Where is the bank? 5. Marina thinks the boss.. 6. Geoffrey is...
a. By the sea. a. doesn't like Fred's shoes. a. hungry.
b. Behind the post office. b. must wait for Fred to come. b. happy for Marina.
c. Beside the post office. c. is angry with Fred. c. in agreement.

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