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In this part of the test you have to write two essays. The first essay is compulsory. It is a business (formal) letter. Because this disk cannot mark what you have written, there is only one writing exercise on the disk as an example of the sort of material used in the paper. You can use this to see the sort of essays that you will have to write.

In the second part your teacher may have decided that you will do one of the essays on the set books. If you have not studied this option, you must choose one of the following type of exercise. 1. Another business style letter (for example a job application) 2. an article (for example for a school magazine). 3. A narrative, or a short story (this is sometimes started for you). 4. A discursive (discussion) essay on a particular topic. You have 90 minutes, and have to write about 150 words per essay.


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