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The reading test takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. The sort of material you will have to read is the sort of thing you might find in a magazine, or a manual. However, the texts are from a wide variety of sources, so be ready for anything! However, each part of the test has the same format as the material here - so doing the tests below will give you a very good idea what the exam is like.

There are four parts to the reading test. Each of them is around 500 words, though you can expect to find texts that have 200 words more or less than this. There are 35 questions. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are worth two marks, part 4 questions are worth 1 mark

The first part is a matching exercise, where you are given a text, and you have to put extra information into the text - for instance as a heading to a particular bit. The second part gives you reading material, and you have to answer questions about what you have read. In the third part, some parts of the text have been removed and you have to put them back in the right order. In part 4 you are given a lot of information, and you have to decide which question relates to which part of the information you have been given.

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