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Look at the sentences below and then put the word listed in the correct form into the space provided.

Dear Sir;
1.   I am writing about the of finding work with your POSSIBLE
2.   newspaper. has been an interest if mine JOURNAL
3.   since . I did media studies at college and I now haveCHILD
4.   all the necessary to become a newspaper reporter. QUALIFY
5.   I realise, of course that I am about reporting and EXPERIENCE
6.   many aspects of the of a newspaper, but I am eager toPRODUCE
7.   learn and I have lots of . If you are interested in giving me ENTHUSE
8.   a post, you could write to my teacher for a . If a completeREFER
9.   CV is one of your I can supply that too. You will see that I REQUIRE
10.   won the college's short story twice, which shows I have COMPETE
  some writing ability.

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