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The there are five parts to this test, and you have to finish it within 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are 65 questions to answer, but pay close attention to part 3 because the questions here are worth two points. You will be tested on your grammar, your vocabulary and your ability to use English correctly - including spelling
Each part of the test is different.
In the first part you have to select the right word or phrase (normally a word) to put in the text. For the second part you have to put the words in yourself - you are not given a list to select from. In the third part you have to re-write sentences to show you can do things like make passives, conditionals and synonyms. Understanding the sentence you have to change is also important. In part four you have to look for errors in a text, and in part five you have to build words from various roots. (like various from vary)

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