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Re-write the sentences below without changing their meaning. You must use the word given in bold without changing it in any way. You can also add up to another four words.

1. She always forgets her bag when she goes.   goes
Every forgets her bag.
2.He asked if I could lend him my car.   I
He asked, "Can your car?"
3.John is shorter than Mike but taller than Fred. than
Fred and John.
4.You must hand in the forms by Friday..   be
The in by Friday.
5. I will take revenge for that.   back
I will for that.
6.Only Jack could do that.   Jack
Nobody do that.
7.Please tell me what happens next.  let
what happens next.
8.Would you like a rest now?take
Would you like now?
9.He asked me what I was doing there.  doing
He asked " What ?"
10.He isn't very busy today.  lot
He doesn't do today.


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