Beginners English Course

English video tutorials

Video tutorials    (A fun way to learn how to use English in different situations. The Videos are 4-5 min long and are followed by exercises.)

NEW Above and below/over and under
Watch, look and see
Make, and do
Speak, say and tell
Body language (the face)
Using a car and getting a taxi
Throwing a party
Showing strong emotions
In the gym
On the beach
Doing the housework
Winter sports
In the Restaurant
Hiking and camping
US and British English: Cars
US and British English: The home
Types of Movement
At the airport
At the grocery store
In and inside/ on and off

Part 1
Grammar: Using the alphabet
Functions: Describing actions (subject / verb / object)
Vocabulary: Days of the week, months of the year
      Peter's Family
      In the Office
Part 2
Grammar: Personal pronouns and verb "to be"
Functions: Introductions
Vocabulary: Numbers (from 1-20)
      Interview with a computer shop owner.
      Meeting the neighbours
      Paying the bill
Part 3
Grammar: Possessives (John's hat)
Functions: Telling the time
Vocabulary: Large numbers
      Sam's computer
      At the bicycle shop
      Catching a train
Part 4
Grammar: More personal pronouns
Functions: Asking for directions
Vocabulary: Colours
      Where is the Post Office?
      Going to Cambridge
Part 5
Grammar: Questions
Functions: Offers, invitations, suggestions
Vocabulary: More colours
      Fancy dress party
      Going for a curry
      Holiday plans
Part 6
Grammar: Present Continuous
Functions: Reservations and appointments
Vocabulary: The house
      Booking a room in a hotel
      Discussing houses
      Fixing the roof
Part 7
Grammar: Past simple
Functions: Apologies
Vocabulary: The family
      Sam's family
      Family matters
      Forgotten birthday
Part 8
Grammar: Past continuous
Functions: Emergencies
Vocabulary: The body
Part 9
Grammar: Future tense
Functions: Instructions & requests
Vocabulary: Transport
Part 10
Grammar: Adjectives
Functions: Similes
Vocabulary: Clothes
Part 11
Grammar: Prepositions
Functions: Stating Preferences
Vocabulary: Fruit and Vegetables
Part 12
Grammar: Conditionals
Functions: Punctuation
Vocabulary: Food and Drink
Part 13
Grammar: Articles
Functions: Explanations
Vocabulary: Jobs and professions