Elementary English Course

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Part 1
Grammar: Nouns
Functions: Introductions
Vocabulary: Countries and nationalities
At the international conference
Meeting people
Meeting people (part 2)
Part 2
Grammar: The present simple
Functions: Requests and instructions
Vocabulary: Around town
About town - sightseeing.
On the way to the museum
London Bus tour
Part 5
Grammar: Questions
Functions: Agreeing, accepting, disagreeing, refusing
Vocabulary: Colours
What colour is the folder?
Dinner invitation
Is that your coffee?
Part 6
Grammar: Perfect tense
Functions: Using idioms
Vocabulary: House and Garden
John's house
John wins the lottery
Pamela visits her parents
Part 3
Grammar: Adjectives
Functions: Apologies
Vocabulary: Describing people
Describing people
Discussing Friends
Who's that man?
Part 4
Grammar: The future
Functions: Explanations
Vocabulary: Jobs and professions
Job interview
In the medical laboratory
Travel plans
Part 7
Grammar: Conditionals
Functions: Punctuation
Vocabulary: Food
A good diet
Which restaurant?
A special dinner
Part 8
Grammar: Past tense
Functions: Making a point
Vocabulary: Crime