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exploding fireworks
exploding fireworks


10/7/2021Business English Studies Course - Marketing part 2 for smartphonesintermediate
15/7/2021The Prof's English blog intermediate
20/7/2021English Computer Course. Lesson 2 - Laying out text for smartphonesintermediate
25/7/2021 'The Grammar Of Doom' part 8 for smartphones advanced
31/7/2021Monthly Crossword-
5/8/2021Dialoque 7 for smartphones beginners
10/8/2021Business English Studies Course - Marketing part 3 for smartphonesintermediate
15/8/2021Functions: Making a point part 3advanced
20/8/2021English Computer Course. Lesson 2 - Internetintermediate
25/8/2021 'The Grammar Of Doom' part 9 for smartphones advanced
31/8/2021The Leg - Crossword-
5/9/2021Dialoque 8 for smartphones beginners
10/9/2021Business English Studies Course - Marketing part 4 for smartphonesintermediate
15/9/2021The Prof's English blog intermediate
20/9/2021English Computer Course. Lesson 3intermediate
25/9/2021 'The Grammar Of Doom' part 10 for smartphones advanced
30/9/2021Root Vegetables - Crossword-
5/10/2021Dialoque 9 for smartphones</td> beginners
10/10/2021Business English Studies Course - Marketing part 5 for smartphonesintermediate
15/10/2021English Computer Course. Lesson 3 part 2 for smartphonesintermediate
20/10/2021Functions: Making a point part 4advanced

24/10/2021 This week's Podcast - The Jungle book (p1 and p2)

25/10/2021'The Grammar Wars' mega-game - part 1 for smartphones advanced
31/10/2021Monthly Crossword-
5/11/2021Dialoque 7 for smartphones elementary
10/11/2021Business English Studies Course - Marketing part 6 for smartphonesintermediate