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Read the article carefully. It tells you the opinions of five people (A - E). Decide which of the opinions on the answer sheet opposite go with each person, and click next to their name on the answer sheet. Sometimes you must choose more than one person.

It's tough to be young.

Answer sheet

Are you to old to be a child, but too young to be a teenager? We interviewed five kids between the ages of ten and fourteen, and asked them what were the most difficult things about being their age. Here are their replies.

A. Robyn, aged ten I think the main problem when you are ten is that if you want to do something, or you don't like something, no-one cares, because "you're just a kid". My sister is just two years older than me, yet she is allowed to do all sorts of things I can't, because everyone thinks I'm still a baby. I don't really care about boys, but I have a friend called Darren. He's nice, but he's not a boyfriend or anything like that.

B. Sharon, aged eleven. At school it can be difficult with some of the other girls. There are problems with bullies, and often we have too much schoolwork to do. It's made even more difficult at home, where sometimes I feel unhappy and frustrated that I can't get on with my brothers and sisters, and sometimes we fight and then our parents get angry with us.

C. Terry, aged twelve. I have trouble growing up, because I feel I have no control over my body. Going through puberty is difficult and sometimes it's frightening. You get pimples, and your voice changes and sometimes you feel really self-conscious. Also, you have more responsibilities than you had before and you spend a lot of time away from your family so you have to learn how to look after yourself. All your friends seem to know what they're doing, and sometimes you feel very lonely and left out.

D. Darren, aged thirteen. I get really stressed out, because there is so much schoolwork. You've always got homework, and tests to do at the school. And it's frightening that what you do now can change the way the rest of your life will be. Sometimes, we don't know what to do, and we don't know who we can ask for help. Also, there is the question of girls. We feel very embarrassed and self-conscious, everybody talks about going out with them all the time, and sometimes on feel that I'm the only one who doesn't know what to do when I'm around girls.

E. Susan, aged fourteen. I spend a lot of time with girls who are my age, and sometimes I have to fit in with them, even if I don't really agree with it sometimes. Otherwise, people make you feel you are weird, and different. Also, you don't know what to do about boys. Everybody else has got a boyfriend except me, but so many of the boys are just so stupid I couldn't go out with them. It would be nice to talk to someone about it, but the only people I know well are my friends the same age, and none of them will admit they have any problems.

  1. feels that the physical changes of adolescence are disturbing?

  2. feels ignored?

  3. thinks that their friends are coping better than they are? (two answers)

  4. worries about the future?

  5. finds that being more independent has problems?

  6. has problems with people at school?

  7. has the most problems at home? (two answers)

  8. tries hardest to get on with their friends?

  9. seems happiest with someone of the opposite sex?

  10. sometimes feel uncomfortable with themselves? (two answers)

  11. would like to be older?

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