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Re-write the sentences below without changing their meaning. You must use the word given in bold without changing it in any way. You can also add up to another four words.

1. What he did next really surprised us.   taken
We were what he did next.
6.You will get everything you have ever wanted.   come
All your wishes .
2. We will never forget that experience.   an
That was experience.
7. Everybody thinks that Frank stole the money.  of
Everybody the money.
3. Terry is the shortest member of the team.   than
No-one in the team Terry.
8. Did she say who the dog belonged to?   dog
Did she say was?
4. This is the first time anyone has done that.   before
has anyone done that.
9. They are going to get married next June.   planned
Their next June.
5. I really wish that I had studied harder.   more
If only .
10. I haven't eaten fish since last Wednesday.   time
The fish was last Wednesday.

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