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Click on the speakers to listen. Press the button next to the correct answer to the question. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

1. Where is Bill? 2. What is she going to buy? 3. What time did the plumber come?
a. On holiday. a. Hair colouring. a. Ten o'clock
b. At university. b. A model car. b. Twelve o'clock
c. In a car. c. A motorbike. c. One o'clock.
4. What's wrong with the woman's cat? 5. The woman is .... 6. What sort of holiday did Pete have?
a. She's lost it a. a doctor. a. Sightseeing.
b. It's stuck in a tree. b. a Londoner. b. Mountaineering.
c. It won't eat. c. a tourist. c. Skiing.

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