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Decide which words best fit the gaps in this text, and then write one word in each space. If you change your mind, you can change what you have written.

Film Review - 'Tiger claw'

Twenty years ago Bruce Lee inspired a kind of film which has popular everywhere in the world since - the kung-fu movie. Tiger claw is another kung-fu film, this one is not likely to be a classic. I don't mean to say that is anything particularly wrong with this movie as a of amusement for an evening, but viewers are likely to forget about it as soon as they walk out of the cinema.

The plot is rather simple - girl is kidnapped by villian, boy rescues her after a series of car chases, shootings, and, of lots of violent hand-to-hand combat. It all happens in Hong Kong, which is the scene for the other five kung-fu films made by director Hu Dekawu. Some of the special effects are very good, while are just ridiculous. If you want to what I mean, look for the scene the hero destroys an armoured car by using just a cigarette and his teeth.

So you go to see this film? Well, if you like this sort of thing, you will probably think it worth five pounds for. If not, I suggest you stay at home and see what is on the TV. your money for the new Spielberg movie coming out next month!

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