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Choose the words on the answer form below which best fit the gaps in this text.Then click on the button on the answer page next to that word. If you change your mind, you can click another button.

Early European Dolls.

Dolls have ..1.. as children's playthings for thousands of years. However, they were ..2.. manufactured as toys in large numbers in Germany in the ..3.. century. The centres of the industry were factories at Nuremberg, Augsburg, and Sonneberg. The dolls were primitive and ..4.. of wood, clay, rags, and wax. They were dressed in clothes to ..5.. German women of the time.

Soon factories in England, France, Holland, and Italy, as well as Germany, began ..6.. dolls dressed in fashions ..7.. of their respective countries. Another ..8.. of doll, "lady" dolls, were extremely expensive and elegant, and were used as gifts ..9.. the aristocracy. These dolls, and the "fashion" dolls, which were later manufactured in Paris, have remained popular ..10.. since. Such dolls were often used to model the latest clothing trends and were sent from one country to another to show off the latest fashions. Today they are prized collector's ..11..

By the 17th century, however, ..12.. dolls began to appear, made of cloth or leather, and these were very ..13.. as toys for both boys and girls. There were several improvements in manufacturing. Dolls' heads became more realistic, and new materials were used. ..14.. in the 18th century manufacturers developed soft leather which ..15.. like human skin, and this was used in the more expensive dolls. Dolls began to look, feel, and move more like humans.

FCE Use of English part 1 test1 Answer sheet
1. existed been used sported
2. initially factored first final
3. recent fifteenth fifteen fiveteen
4. fabricated construction fabric made
5. resemblance be as look like appear
6. production produce producing produced
7. clothes typical those famous
8. brand make breed type
9. among for to with
10. also for ever until
11. dolls things prizes items
12. latest cloth then simpler
13. adapted suitable useful utilised
14. Soon But Early When
15. resembled fits covering felt

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