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Pilot advertisement (I) - Reading

Read the script and and then answer the questions opposite. Check with 'Answers' at the bottom of the page.

Shooting script, N.E. wear pilot ad.

Time: About 8 a.m.
Opening shot: A door made of wood planking. There are old-fashioned iron hooks on the back of the door,. A straw basket of dried flowers is on one hook, and a sun hat on the other.
Hold for 1 second
Action : The door opens suddenly, as though it has been kicked.
Sound: Bang of door opening / Girl screams .
Man is standing in the doorway
Sound: A single deep note of music, threatening
Shot: Man is large, aged in his early forties. He is dressed in working country clothes, and he has not shaved. He is very angry. He carries a double-barrelled shotgun sideways across his chest.
Cut to scene from man's point of view.
Shot: He sees a large wooden bed with a patchwork quilt on it. Girl is sitting up in the bed, with a sheet pulled up over her chest. Girl is in her late teens, has long brown hair, and looks very pretty and innocent. It is evident from her bare shoulders that she is not wearing anything under the sheet. She looks very surprised and frightened.
Sound: Man's voice (shouting): "Where is he? Where is he?"
Shot: Camera (keeping man's point of view, zooming in 1/3) moves from girl to the space next to her. Here the quilt has been thrown back for someone to get out of bed in a hurry. Camera pans across a short distance from the bed, across a wooden floor to a wide-open window. The sun is shining in through the window, and the curtains are moving in the breeze.
Point of view is straight out of the window from the back of the room
Shot: Man moves into view. Camera shoots his back He stares out over a field, some trees, and the skyscrapers of a city several miles away.
Hold for 2 seconds Man turns to face the camera. He is slightly confused.
Sound: Man says "Where did he go?"
Shot: Girl looks over her side of the bed. Camera follows her point of view. On a wool rug are a pair of blue jeans with underpants on top of them. Camera moves along A shirt, lying dropped on the floor. A stylish jacket is over the bedpost, and a pair of short brown leather boots with socks over them are on the floor underneath.
Sound: Man '"Where did he go?"
Sound: Girl's voice (nervous, but quite certain.) "NE wear"
Shot: Close-up of man's face. He is looking at the clothes. His eyebrows are raised, and he is impressed. Man rubs his chin and nods his head.
freeze shot.
Shot: Close up of the jeans
Sound: bang
Shot: NE logo is stamped on centre of picture.
Caption: If you aren't wearing it - you aren't dressed.


1. What demographic is targeted in this advertisement?
a. Young females.    
b. Middle-aged men.   
c. Young males.    
d. Middle-aged females   

2. What is the atmosphere of the scene?
a. Urban.   
b. Suburban.   
c. Rural.   
d. Exotic.   

3. Who is the middle-aged man most likely to be?
a. A father.   
b. A husband.   
c. A burglar.   
d. A policeman.   

4. What do the sunhat and dried flowers mainly signal?
a. A country scene.   
b. A peaceful scene   
c. A girl's bedroom.   
d. Summer.   

5. What is the personality of the missing character?
a. Untrustworthy.   
b. Cowardly.   
c. Brave   
d. Adventurous   

6. Why is the window open?
a. To show it's summer.   
b. To show the city.   
c. Someone escaped through it.   
d. The burglar entered through it.   

7. Why does the man nod his head?
a. He is angry.   
b. He is impressed.   
c. He agrees with the girl.   
d. He wants the clothes   

8. Which of these themes does the advertisement not suggest?
a. Fashion.   
b. Sex.   
c. Danger.   
d. The country