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Pilot advertisement (I) - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The story and instructions for making a film are the -
action events movie plot role model shooting script right wrong
2. Something made from bits of cloth sewn together is -
stitched up patchwork over clothed ragmade right wrong
3. The thick blanket on the top of a bed is a -
coating rug overcoat quilt right wrong
4. What you can see from where you are is your -
area of sight eyeliner vision field point of view right wrong
5. When the camera stops filming a shot, it is said to -
cut split freeze end up right wrong
6. When the camera moves in or focusses more closely it -
zooms in goes upfront shoots the head closes up right wrong
7. When the camera films moving sideways, it is said to -
slide pan come over focus wide right wrong
8. Taking photographs is called -
gunning sighting shooting shotting right wrong
9. A moving picture which changes to a still picture has done a -
hold up freeze stick statue shot right wrong
10. Money which remains after essential spending on food, rent, etc, is your -
pocket money loose change disposable income ready cash right wrong
11. An abbreviation for an 'advertisement' is -
ad adv adment avert right wrong
12. If you 'go for' something, you -
travel to it like it sell it test it right wrong
13. The chance that something will go wrong is/are the -
odds Murphy's law toss - up risk right wrong
14. A young person who breaks a lot of social rules is called a -
juvenile wild child child hood teenager right wrong
15. Something sweet and attractive is -
cute saccharine magnetic cool right wrong