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Business comparison - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The way that the public think about a company is its -
public relations corporate image brand recognition point of view right wrong
2. Things which are manufactured and traded are called -
goods productions sales marketing right wrong
3. The difference between the cost of selling something and the sale price is the -
profit margin trade gap competitive advantage dealer's cut right wrong
4. The people you want to sell your product to are the -
salesman end users consumer council target market right wrong
5. If people know what your company does, you have good -
corporate identity advertising share brand recognition logo design right wrong
6. Something that makes people want to buy a product is its -
selling point buy appeal point of sale market value right wrong
7. When people don't buy because of the cost, there is -
cash backing price resistance pay aversion price hiking right wrong
8. The people who buy most of your product are your -
hard core high custom peak timers core market right wrong
9. Completely changing your image and product is called -
repositioning readjusting downsizing making over right wrong
10. Competing directly with the opposition is called -
beating down being gladiators going head-to-head doing a warpath right wrong
11. The type of letters in your logo is called the -
typo fountain typeface print style right wrong
12. 'Get it' is another way of saying -
become angry understand spend money forget to do right wrong
13. 'Conspicuous consumption' involves buying things because they are -
obvious famous expensive edible right wrong
14. If someone is respected by other members in his group he has -
ballast a high head top doggery street cred right wrong
15. Choosing where to put your advertisements is called -
output outsourcing positioning placement right wrong