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Future prospects - Functions

Read this text and then answer the questions opposite (questions 1 - 8). Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

I am addressing this to you personally, because you will remember that you worked with us on the N.E. wear promotion. At the time, Hapman was losing market share because our brand was not identified with younger consumers.

N.E. Wear was our first attempt at branding a particular clothing line, and at outsourcing the marketing. Verity worked very well for us, helping us to gain some 43% of the market of the nearest rival, Ausweiss Outdoor. However, the market for leisure clothes has now matured, and we are not looking at this as a growth sector for future profits.

Instead we are turning our attention to business wear. As you know, there are a number of firms with strong brands in men's business suits - I don't need to tell you who they are. But what about the same thing for women in business? What we are looking for is something for the woman power dresser - executive or CEO who wants something classy and expensive but designed for business.

Can Verity do a feasibility study for us - find out if there is a demand for a product like this? We would need to know what sort of price ceilings to aim at, and if the size of the market will give a big enough margin to make it all worthwhile. Give us your estimates for the initial surveys by next month, and we will arrange a meeting before then. Company policy means that we have to put this out to tender, but given your strong track record, I can confidently say that any reasonable offer will be accepted!

1. Where does this text come from?
a. A press release.   
b. A newspaper.   
c. A letter.   
d. A conversation.   

2. How would you describe the tone of the text?
a. Friendly and chatty.   
b. Formal and businesslike.   
c. Friendly and businesslike.   
d. Impersonal.   

3. What is the main purpose of the text?
a. To make an offer.   
b. To discuss women's clothing.   
c. To give congratulations.   
d. To discuss N.E. wear.   

4. What does Hapman's intend to do?
a. Re-brand N.E. wear.   
b. Have a meeting.   
c. Get 43% of the market.   
d. Launch a new clothing brand.   

5. Where does the person being addressed work?
a. Verity.   
b. Hapman.   
c. N.E .wear.   
d. It does not say.   

6. What are Verity being asked to do?
a. A feasibility study.   
b. To give the cost of a study.   
c. Sell women's clothing.   
d. Arrange a meeting.   

7. How likely is it that Verity will get the job?
a. unlikely.   
b. possible.   
c. probable.   
d. highly likely.   

8. When was the N.E. wear marketing campaign?
a. It doesn't say.   
b. Very recently.   
c. A year or two ago.   
d. At least five years ago.