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Future prospects - Reading

Read the advertisements opposite for these items of clothing and write the letter of each description in the box next to each item. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1. 2.
3. 4.


A. Slim and elegant with double-stitched seams for extra security. The hard-wearing denim uses the Fullbright weave to give the fabric extra strength and stretch. There's no loose folds to catch in the bushes, and you look stylish for everyday wear too!

B. Made from pure bull-hide leather with extra side support. The caps have steel reinforcement, and the soles have a kelvar protective inlay. Guaranteed for three years, whatever wear you give them.

C. This is the 'MaxTherm' worn by members of the 2002 Antartic expedition. A special thermal layer allows your sweat to evaporate while the fabric remains still completely waterproof. This ultimate survival wear will keep you comfortable in temperatures of up to -17c even if you are wearing nothing underneath it. (Hood optional, but recommended for use in severe weather.)

D.Free with every purchase of over $25. This one-size-fits-all garment is funwear for the beach or barbeque or just for lazing about the house. Available in magenta, blue or red.

E. The 'Lumberjack' is popular with hikers, hunters, and yes, also lumberjacks. The thick outer layer has an inner layer which can be romoved in warmer weather. Water-resistant, and easy to clean. Choice of buckle or toggle fastenings.

F. Made of finely tanned deerhide with silk lining. This is a luxury item which is suitable for camping trips and high-fashion parties. Zip fastening, and hand-sewn seams. There are only a limited number of these sold every year, so get yours while it is still available.