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Future prospects - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Something usual and unsurprising is -
highly regular bizarre boring everyday right wrong
2. A firm promise to fix a possible problem is a -
guarantee waiver equivocation cast-iron right wrong
3. Informal, colourful clothing can be called -
strait-laced gear funwear dance kit right wrong
4. A person whose job is to cut down trees is a -
woodpecker carpenter woodsman lumberjack right wrong
5. A company's products which have a similar theme and design are a -
type brand trademark line right wrong
6. 'CEO' stands for -
Costs Evened Out Cheap, Easy Offer Chief Executive Officer City Equity Office right wrong
7. The people who put company plans into action are -
executives executors executioners expediters right wrong
8. When most potential customers have already brought a product, the market is -
full saturated sold out sold up right wrong
9. A market where most sales come from goods being replaced is -
second-hand mature commoditized commercialized right wrong
10. To bid to perform a service for a certain price is called 'to ..' -
gentle soft tender delicate right wrong
11. The way someone has behaved in the past is his -
curriculum vitae work record back record track record right wrong
12. The difference between the cost of making something and the profit of selling it is the -
tax zone border cost margin edge right wrong
13. A market in which new buyers are appearing is a -
growth sector green field buyers market hard sell right wrong
14. How many people want to buy something makes up the -
demand request sale rate terms right wrong
15. The amount above which someone will not pay is the -
overshoot value added cost plus price ceiling right wrong