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'Write three letters'

I am glad about one thing. If the Count did carry me here and undress me, he must have in a hurry, for everything in my pockets is intact. I am sure this diary would have been a mystery to him, and he would not have tolerated that. He would have taken it or destroyed it. Now I look round this room, and although it has been so full of fear to me, now it is a sort of sanctuary. It is safe from those awful women, who were, who are, waiting to suck my blood.

I have been down to look at that room again in daylight, because I have to know the truth. When I got to the doorway at the top of the stairs I found it closed. It had been so forcibly pushed into the frame that part of the woodwork was splintered. I could see that the bolt of the door was not closed, but the door is locked from the inside. I fear I was not dreaming last night, and so I must remember that my life is even more in danger now.