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Dracula asks questions

He seemed to understand completely. Then he asked if there would be any practical difficulty in having one man to attend, say, to banking, and another to look after sending things by sea; especially if there were problems far away from the place where one of the solicitors worked. I asked him to explain more fully, so that I might not mislead him by accident, so he said

"I shall give an example. Your friend and mine, Mr. Peter Hawkins, works under the shadow of your beautiful cathedral at Exeter, which is far from London. With your help he buys for me a place in London. Good! Now here let me say frankly that you might think it strange that I have decided to employ someone so far off from London instead of someone who lives there. My motive was that the work should be done for my benefit only. Someone living in London might, perhaps, have some idea how this business might help himself or a friend. Therefore I went out of town to seek my agent, who would work only for my own good.