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Discovering history

Is there something in the crucifix itself that gives me comfort, or does it help me to remember that I am not alone and without friends? Some time, if ever I have that time, I must consider this matter and try to make up my mind about it. In the meantime I must find out all that I can about Count Dracula. I need to understand everything possible about him. Tonight I will try to change the conversation so that he talks about himself. I must be very careful, however, not to make him suspicious.

Midnight. I have had a long talk with the Count. I asked him a few questions about the history of Transylvania, and he talked about it with wonderful enthusiasm. He spoke about things and people, and especially of battles, as if he had been present at them all. Afterwards he explained this by saying that his family were the Boyars. Everyone in the family had always been proud of their name, and the glory of one member of the family gave glory to them all, and what happened to one of the family was considered as if it happened to them all. Whenever he spoke of his family he always said "we", and sounded as though he was a king speaking.