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Through the window

Later: I repeat the truth of what I wrote last time, but this time I have no doubt at all about it. I will sleep without fear in any place where he is not. I have placed the crucifix at the top of my bed. It will stay there, because I think that this makes my dreams a bit better.

When Dracula left me, I went to my room. Everything was quiet, so after a little while I came out. I went up the stone stairs to where I could look out at the view to the South. In the soft light the distant hills lost their shape, and the shadows in the valleys turned a deep, soft black. The view gave me peace and comfort each time I breathed. As I leaned out the window, I suddenly noticed something moving by the windows of the Count's own room. My window was tall and deep, and though it had been damaged by centuries of wind and rain, it was still complete. I stepped back slightly, so that I was hidden by the stones at the edge of the window. Then I looked out carefully.