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Dracula's new home

"Well, yes, my friend, but I have to do this. When I go to London I shall be all alone. My friend Harker Jonathan, no, excuse me. I have made the mistake of putting your family name first, as we do in my country. I mean, my friend Jonathan Harker will not be with me to correct and help me. He will be in Exeter, far away, probably working at the law with my other friend, Peter Hawkins. So I must learn these things!"

We went thoroughly into the business of buying the house. It was in Purfleet, a suburb of London. I told him all the facts and got him to sign the necessary papers. Then I wrote a letter to go with the papers so that I could post everything to Mr. Hawkins. Afterward Dracula began to ask me how I had found somwewhere so suitable. I read him the notes which I had made at the time. These are those notes, which I will now write down.