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The journey continues

We had left behind the green hills of the Mittel Land, and now mighty hillsides of forest rose up to the Carpathian mountains themselves. These mountains were on the right and on the left of us. The afternoon sun shone on them upon them and the sunshine brought out all the glorious colours of these beautiful mountains. The shadows were deep blue and purple, and the mountainsides were green and brown where grass and rock were mixed together. You could see rough rocks and the mountainsides going on and on until the view was lost in the distance. And above all this rose the grand snowy tops of the mountains. Sometimes we saw breaks in the mountains, and as the sun began to sink, we saw the white of falling water in the breaks. As we went round a hill we saw the snow-covered top of a huge mountain. It seemed to be right in front of us. One of the people travelling with me touched my arm.