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The KET reading and writing test presents the sort of material that a student or tourist would read or need to write while in an English-speaking country. It comes from newspapers, textbooks, tourist guides and notices in public places.

There are nine different parts to the KET reading and writing test, and you have to do them in 1 hour and ten minutes.
The first part has different signs or notices, the second part has five sentences in a small story. Some words are misisng and you have to put them in. In the third part you have to decide what to reply to a short sentence. The fourth part is a test for reading comprehension and you must answer " yes/no " or (sometimes) " doesn't say ". The fifth part is also reading with some words missing. You have to choose the right word from four different choices. This is also checking reading comprehension. The sixth part tests vocabulary and some grammar, and in the seventh part you have to fill in missing words again, but this time you are not given any choices. In the eighth part, you have to fill in a form, and in the ninth part you have to write a short note of about 30 words.

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