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Listen to the dialogues between Maty and Melina. Press the button next to the correct answer for the questions which follow. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

1. Maty says .. 2. Can Maty go to the bank? 3. It's fastest to London by..
a. there's no soap. a. Yes, he can. a. train.
b. it's in the bathroom. b. No, he can't. b. bus
c. it's in the cupboard. c. Maybe. c. doesn't say.
4. What will they do? 5. Can Melina open the window? 6. They are talking about...
a. Go shopping. a. Yes. a. climbing something.
b. Go to the cinema. b. No. b. finishing a job.
c. Shopping, then cinema. c. Maty didn't say. c. getting over a bit.

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