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Read the text below and decide which words belong in the spaces. Choose your answers on the answer sheet opposite.

Queen Elizabeth

Answer Sheet

The first Elizabeth to be queen __1__ England lived in the time of William Shakespeare, __2__ five hundred years ago.

Her father was Henry the __3__ , a king who was famous __4__ he had six wives. (Not all __5__ the same time of course!) Elizabeth's mother was Anne Boleyn, a beautiful and intelligent woman. __6__ she could not give the king a son, so Henry took another wife.

For many years Elizabeth's life was in danger because __7__ the political and religious problems of the time. However, she __8__ queen, and was queen of England for over forty years.

1.a. at b. for c. of
2.a. almost b. in c. quite
3.a. eight b. eighth c. eighty
4.a. why b. for c. because
5.a. at b. with c. in
6.a. Although b. Despite c. But
7.a. of b. were c. in
8.a. made b. becamec. did


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