FCE Practice tests for the EFL Exams - test 2
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Click on the speakers to listen. Press the button next to the correct answer to the question. If you want to make a change, just press the button next to your new choice.

1. Where is the book? 2. How far is it from Fred to the pub? 3. Who is going to do it?
a. In the bookcase a. Three miles a. Pete
b. In the pub b. Six miles b. Joe
c. Near the door c. Twelve miles c. Liz
4. The woman is talking about ... 5. What is the critic talking about? 6. Where is this conversation happening?
a. her dog a. An opera a. In a bookshop
b. her boyfriend b. A play b. In a cafe
c. her husband c. A film c. In a library

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