FCE Practice tests for the EFL Exams - test 2
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Look at the sentences below and then put the word listed in the correct form into the space provided.

1.   Since its to the western world 200 years ago INTRODUCE
2.   growing bonsais has grown in . Although some POPULAR
3.   growers are and grow bonsais for their living, PROFESSION
4.   it is a fact that the are amateurs who do it for MAJOR
5.   fun. Growing bonsais requires an to think ahead ABLE
6.   and to wait without for nature to take its course.PATIENT
7.   Very often, the only result from years of work is FORTUNE
8.   a plant killed by, for example an frost. Many bonsaiEXPECT
9.   growers form clubs or where they can share their ASSOCIATE
10.   experiences. But the of satisfaction at raising a DEEP
  perfect plant is amazing.

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