FCE Practice tests for the EFL Exams - test 2
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Look at the passage below and decide which word in each line is not necessary, or is ungrammatical. Write this word in the box in the answer section, or if the line is correct, put a check in the box instead.

0.The end of every century brings across people who believe for one reason
00. or another that the world will be coming to an end in the near future.
1. However, when the end of a thousand years millennium approaches, this 01.
2. group becomes more numerous and even more louder. The end of civilisation 02.
3. was given even further twist by the so-called Y2K bug. The name comes03.
4. from that the Y which is for year, and 2K which is computer-speak for 2000.04.
5. The problem was developed many years ago when computers did not have05.
6. much memory. To save space, the numbers for of the years were written06.
7. with only two digits (58 for 1958 and so on further).07.
8. As the end of the century approached nearer, there were worries08.
9. about what these programmes would do when they met dates09.
10. beginning of 00 for 2000. Because we are so dependent on computers,10.
11. people felt that if these programmes failed, perhaps our civilisation11.
12. might too, because we are so dependent relying on computers.12.
13. In fact, because thanks to urgent action, and because13.
14. the computers were better designed than most people thought,14.
15. the problem was minimally small.15.

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