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Conferences - Functions

In the sentences below, one word does not belong with the others. Decide which one it is, and then click the button next to the word. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Odd one out

1. a. Speaker     b. Address     c. Presentation     d. Street    

2. a. Hotel     b. Audience     c. Rooms     d. Stay    

3. a. Seating     b. Capacity     c. Attendees     d. Password    

4. a. Presentations     b. Security     c. Password     d. Passes    

5. a. OHP     b. Slides     c. Multimedia     d. Secretary    

6. a. Snacks     b. Entertainment     c. Refreshments     d. Buffet    

7. a. Booking     b. Costs     c. Budget     d. Expenses    

8. a. Programme     b. Schedule     c. Organize     d. Budget