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Conferences - Reading

Look at the memo below. Read it and then answer the questions opposite. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Preparing the conference.



Re: Harrogate conference.

The venue for the conference this year will be either the Royal Hotel, or the Dragon Conference centre. We held our most recent convention at the Royal, but they have not yet confirmed that they have the capacity for the extra delegates who will be attending this year. However, we do know that their other facilities are first-class, so this is still our preference.

Mr Jenkins is drawing up the programme. After the plenary session, there will be a number of sessions occurring simultaneously in different rooms for management, sales and finance personnel. Apart from those staying at the Royal, we will have to find accommodation for other delegates at hotels and B&Bs. After the problems last year, it is important that everyone has a confirmed reservation at least a week beforehand, so that alternative arrangements can be made if necessary.

Mr Haskins will be organising the multimedia facilities, so those with special requirements should contact him asap so that he can finalize his budget. The closing address will be by Mr Tibbs, who will outline the direction the company will be taking over the coming year.


1. The conference will be at the Royal Hotel if -
a. They have a first class.    
b. There is enough room.   
c. The Dragon Centre is full.   
d. Their booking is confirmed..   

2. The person in charge of the schedule is -
a. Mr Tibbs.    
b. Mr Haskins.   
c. Mr Jenkins.   
d. None of these people.   

3. The conference will need a minimum of -
a. One room.    
b. Two rooms.    
c. Three rooms.   
d. Four rooms.   

4. Delegates should know where they are staying -
a. When they arrive.   
b. Exactly seven days before.   
c. More than seven days before.   
d. Less than seven days before.   

5. We can guess that last year there were problems with -
a. The schedule.   
b. The speakers.   
c. The venue.   
d. The accomodation.   

6. The last person to speak will be -
a. Mr Tibbs.    
b. Mr Haskins.   
c. Mr Jenkins.   
d. None of these people.   

7. Mr Haskins needs money to help people with their -
a. Presentations.   
b. Accomodation.   
c. Finalization.   
d. Budgeting.   

8. The text is probably part of -
a. A general announcement.   
b. A personal letter.   
c. The minutes of a meeting.   
d. A note to a secretary.