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Conferences - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The place where an event happens is the -
situation issue revenue venue right wrong
2. How much something can hold is its -
quantity efficiency capability capacity right wrong
3. People who represent other people at a meeting are -
delegates conferees facemen representations right wrong
4. Something which is the best possible is -
first class upperclass declasse unique right wrong
5. A meeting which everyone attends is -
replete plenary congregated conjugated right wrong
6. Time that is used for a part of an event is a -
concession recession cessation session right wrong
7. What does B&B stand for -
Best and brightest Black and blue Bed and breakfast Birds and bees right wrong
8. Something which has sound and pictures is -
hyperactive remedial ultrasonic multimedia right wrong
9. The money you have to do something is your -
account budget petty cash receipt right wrong
10. Something which gives you the basic facts is a/an -
outline superstructure basic allegory right wrong
11. The smallest amout possible is the -
ultimatum microdot minimum referendum right wrong
12. Food that you eat standing up is served from a -
canteen mess buffet wallop right wrong
13. Food eaten quickly between meals is a -
snack smack snake snick right wrong
14. If you book a hotel room, you make a -
reservation renovation regulation relevation right wrong
15. The abbreviation for 'as soon as possible' is -
soonaz asap sonaspos assible right wrong