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Common spelling mistakes - Functions

In the sentences below, one word may be spelled wrongly. If you think that a word has been misspelled in a sentence, write the correct form of the word in the box in the section opposite. If you think all the words have been spelled correctly, leave the space blank. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Common misteaks mistakes

1. Thanks very much for your invitation to speak at the conference.

2. I am considering sevral ideas which I think you will find interesting.   

3. First though, coiuld you let me know how many minutes my presentation will be?   

4. Also, will I be able to show slides or use the overhead projector to show some grafs?   

5. The sales figures of my division are quiet interesting, and reveal promising growth.   

6. This is despite the downturn in the economy in the second quater of the year.   

7. Or pehaps you would prefer if I mentioned the division's future prospects?   

8. Give it your consideration, and let me know if there are any other themes I shuold mention.