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Common spelling mistakes - Reading

Common misteaks mistakes

In the memo below there are a number of words which are often used wrongly. Look at the text, and decide which is the appropriate word in each case, and mark it in the answers section on the right. When you have finished, check with 'answers'

Notes on the Harrogate conference.

First, a bit of historic/historical detail. We have held the annual sales conference at Harrogate every/all year since 1986. A large amount/number of people attend/visit the conference, including the sales personnel/personal of our overseas offices.

Obviously some very sensitive/sensible information is discussed, so safety/security is a big issue. We do not even allow staff to take notes/notices during some of the more confident/confidential talks.

This year we are hoping/hopping that more than 500 people/persons will be there - more than we have seen for the past/passed seven years. Its/it's going to be an important meeting, because all of the board of Directors accept/except Mr Tibbs will be there at the opening, and Mr Tibbs will arrive the following/subsequent day to give a talk about the economic/economical situation of the company.

If you want to be there, please advise/advice us early, and those people who will be speaking should now start preparing the first draught/draft of their presentations.


1.     historic    historical    

2.     every    all    

3.     amount    number    

4.     attend    visit   

5.     personnel    personal   

6.     sensitive    sensible   

7.     safety     security   

8.     notes    notices   

9.     confident    confidential   

10.     hoping    hopping   

11.     people    persons   

12.     past    passed   

13.     its    it's   

14.     accept    except   

15.     following    subsequent   

16.     economic    economical   

17.     advice    advise   

18.     draft    draught