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Common spelling mistakes - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A word that has not been spelled correctly is -
unspeld unspelt misspelled mispellt right wrong
2. The group of people who decide the policy of a company is the -
auditors managers board bench right wrong
3. A situation which requres attention is a/an -
issue item investigation iteration right wrong
4. Something which happens every year is -
biennial year-long seasonal annual right wrong
5. When people in the same group get together for a meeting this is a -
gather conference talking shop summit right wrong
6. The people who work in an organisation are its -
crew members fellows personnel right wrong
7. Something on another continent is -
overseas alien transatlantic far-flung right wrong
8. Something which you show and explain to others is a -
presentation petition demonstrater revelation right wrong
9. Your first attempt at writing or drawing something is a first -
edition draft rollup trier right wrong
10. Small pictures which are designed to be shown on a projector are -
films microfilms coverslips slides right wrong
11. Something which looks as though it will do well in the future is
doomed predestined promising evident right wrong
12. When something does less well that before it has a -
skyrocket downturn deceleration sit-down right wrong
13. The financial year is divided into -
sixths quarters thirds halves right wrong
14. How things look for your future are your -
retrospectives prospects appointments considerations right wrong
15. If many things share the same idea, they have a -
theme unity clash plagarism right wrong